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Big presence for e-readers at CES 2010

Sara Ver-Bruggen - 05 Jan 2010

Bookeen's paper back-sized e-reader This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will showcase a wealth of products that exploit e-paper display technology within e-reader applications.

An international mix of e-reader developers, including Bookeen, Ditto Book, HanWang, Jinke and Plastic Logic, will be exhibiting within the e-book TechZone at the CES expo. CES - the largest expo of its kind - will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center and opens its doors from 7-10 January.

Liquavista, a Netherlands-based developer of e-paper displays with video capability for e-reader and other applications will also be exhibiting within the TechZone, following a busy few months talking with potential customers in the TFT-LCD industry.

Since launching in June 2009 the e-book TechZone quickly sold out, indicating the vast interest in this new class of gadget with the potential to impact not just book but also news, magazine and textbook publishing.

At a press conference Plastic Logic will announce shipping details for its Que e-reader and other news. CEO Rich Archuleta will be part on a panel in a session titled Big Thinkers and Disruptive Technologies - Today's Thought Leaders, Tomorrow's Technologies.

Along with other panel members that include Sonic Solutions' Dave Habiger and Zoran Corporation's Levy Gerzberg, Archuleta will discuss and debate upcoming innovations and their impact on our digital lives and disruptive technologies that will drive the industry in the next few years.

Cutting edge sustainable power technologies

At this year's CES a group of panellists will debate and explore innovative technologies that provide power without wires.
The session, titled Power to the People: Advances in Charging and Battery Technology, will be held on 8 January.

The panel will include flexible thin-film rechargeable microbattery developer Infinite Power Solutions. The Colorado-based firm is targeting applications in active RFID, smartcard and consumer electronics. Motorola's Energy Systems Technology division and Regen, a new venture set up to design and develop stylish consumer electronics powered by solar technology, will also be on the panel.

Sustainable Planet, was set up by CES as an exhibition to demonstrate commercialised technologies that can have a positive environmental effect. This year's exhibitors, which number over 30, are drawn from a variety of companies that are supplying new types of sustainable and renewable energy systems, energy-efficient lighting and other electronics, as well as companies leading the way in electronics recycling and newer and more sustainable power solutions, for on- and off-grid. While the technologies exhibited are predominantly silicon-based, such as LED lighting, the Sustainable Planet spotlight could provide an important platform for OLED lighting and also organic solar cell-based devices as they commercialise over the coming years.

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