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About +Plastic Electronics

A huge breadth of companies are commercialising products based on plastic electronics technologies. They include publishers launching e-readers, sportswear brands designing T-shirts with sensors for monitoring fitness, manufacturers developing smart packaging and household brands working on the next generation of low-energy lighting.

Successful commercial implementation of plastic electronics relies on the foundation of entirely new value and supply chains, drawn from the established silicon industry and its derivatives, scientific, R&D and academic institutes, chemicals producers, suppliers of ink and plastic and other flexible substrates, as well as makers of printing and other production and processing equipment.

Investors, from both public and private fields of enterprise, are playing a crucial role in providing the funds and direction to ensure the industry keeps evolving.

Most importantly widespread adoption of plastic electronics requires brand owners and end users with vision and flair to commission new products based on this new dynamic field of technology.

+Plastic Electronics
magazine is published six times a year, by Smithers Apex, to analyse the strategies of companies launching and commercialising products based on these technologies. provides timely news and analysis, researched and written by business and technology editors and supported by independent experts, to help companies plan their strategies in this emerging, dynamic marketplace.

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