Futaba displays flexible OLED watch

15 Oct 2012

Displays manufacturer Futaba has shown a watch that uses a flexible OLED display to provide video while wrapped around a wrist.

The Futaba watch features a display that wraps around the wristUnveiled at CEATEC, the 3.5-inch display utilises a flexible OLED, meaning the screen is part of the watch, rather than simply attached to a strap. The device offers a resolution of 256 x 64, with a brightness of 100cd/m2. The full colour display can be used to watch video, and possibly link to a smartphone to provide data straight to the user, reports Slashgear.

While the watch may be a concept, it shows how far evolved flexible displays are, and the potential uses for the technology. Futaba has stated the flexible OLED is production ready, and is waiting on a vendor to invest.

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