Plastic Logic also pursuing 'non-imaging' applications

Dan Rogers - 18 Jun 2012

UK organic semiconductor business Plastic Logic has begun talks with companies regarding sensors and other non-imaging applications for its technology, as it expands beyond the e-reader market.

Plastic Logic's backplane technologyThe company announced plans to move away from its pursuit of e-reader applications as part of its change of strategy in May 2012.

Since revealing the capability of its organic semiconductors - its e-paper demonstrator backplanes boast 1.2 million plastic transistors - the Cambridge-headquartered business has begun working on alternative uses for the technology.


Michael Banach, research manager at Plastic Logic, comments: 'You can also use these as a read-out device, for instance in x-ray sensors. You can see how the functionality would fit with the need for lightweight, robust, digital sensors here. We're talking to people about this already.'

'Our recent announcement gives us more space to do pursue these applications - we have interested partners in areas like x-ray technology and photodiode technology. How we pursue those is now in development.'

A demonstrator of a video-rate e-paper display underlines the sophistication of the organic electronic backplane driving the animation - a capability that could be exploited by new frontend form factors for flexible displays, as well as non-imaging applications looking to exploit flexible semiconductors.

Banach adds: 'This shows the backplane technology can operate at these speeds, which could allow a transition to different frontplanes.'

Flexible OLEDs

The company is now working with the UK Centre for Process Innovation ( on a project to adapt its organic semiconductor backplanes to flexible OLEDs developed at the centre.

Plastic Logic also demonstrated progress it has made in higher resolution and ultrathin flexible e-paper displays in an exclusive meeting with +Plastic Electronics magazine.

The company will be hosting an open day at its Cambridge R&D centre on 27 June 2012.

A full report on Plastic Logic's technology, Dresden manufacturing facility and interview with CEO Indro Mukerjee is in the next issue of +Plastic Electronics magazine. Subscribe now.

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