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Plextronics and Holst Centre to research large-area OLED lighting

Phil Curry - 12 Sep 2012

US based technology company Plextronics, has entered into a partnership agreement with Holst Centre, to research together developments for OLED lighting panels.

The new partnership will research into the development of large-area flexible OLED lighting panelsThe goal of the two companies is to improve the scaling of lab device performance to large-area OLED lighting and signage. Holst Centre will use Plexcore inks in the program to create functional OLED demonstrators, allowing them to evaluate the products as they would be applied in a production environment.

Jim Dietz, vice president of business developments at Plextronics comments: 'we were impressed by the technology programs already underway at Holst, and as we wanted a better understanding of the issues of large-area printing and manufacturing using our own materials, it was the best solution to enter into this research partnership.'

Emerging market

he two companies will work toward the commercialisation of OLED lighting, as Dietz explains: 'The current OLED lighting market is transforming now, and will most likely start emerging in 2014, a period we are working towards together at Plextronics and Holst. The technology will develop slowly over a period of five to seven year, just like LED lighting did with general market applications.'

Plextronics aims to use the research not just for lighting, but also for the development of its OLED displays. Dietz concludes: ' Some of the understandings we learn will carry over into the development of our large-area OLED televisions, which is our core market. We will also look at OLED lighting for architectural lighting and design, which is a stronger segment for the technology.'

Holst Centre will be working to develop the large-area OLEDs ready for roll-to-roll printing, which it says will allow them to be cost effective. The production method would bring down prices, which may allow the technology to make more of a breakthrough in the consumer market. Dietz alluded to plans for LED companies to develop large-area lighting, however with roll-to-roll production, he surmises that OLED will cost less in this market.

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