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RR Donnelley moves toward printed electronic production

Phil Curry - 08 May 2013

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Packaging and communications provider RR Donnelley has announced it is to produce integrated RFID and near field communication (NFC) products in an innovative new line of printed electronics.

The company will produce printed RFID and NFC tags later in 2013The new production capabilities will allow the company to provide its customers with unique printed NFC and RFID tags that can be embedded in a number of products that RR Donnelley already produces, such as retail displays, product packaging, direct mail and more. The move increases the market of printed electronics, with the company one of the largest yet to announce the use of the technology.

Ronnie Sarkar, senior vice president of technology innovations at RR Donnelley comments: 'Our own internal R&D function developed the technology for printed RFID and NFC antennas. We believe that we can deliver enhanced benefits to our customers through the broad variety of end-use materials that we also produce. So we can be a one-stop shop for RFID and NFC media.'


The company believes that interactivity will help brands using its printed electronics engage with consumers. Sarkar adds: 'We can provide the kinds of extended experiences made available through NFC. For instance, consumers who interact with an NFC tag may have their enabled smartphone take them to a video. We can create these videos that can help guide consumers to the model or product that best suits their particular needs.'

The company expects production of the tags to begin in Q3 2013, and expects a number of benefits to the consumer, and itself, as Sarkar explains: 'While there are a number of providers of RFID and NFC products, we believe that there will be growth in the demand for these products and that our customers will be attracted by our ability to offer a complete design, test, and production service for inlays. It will streamline the process. We also see an advantage with NFC in particular in the ability to provide an end-to-end solution that includes the inlays, the media into which they are embedded, and even the extended experience that a consumer will activate via an enabled smart phone. '

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