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Subscribe+Plastic Electronics: Digital is a new subscription only online newsletter and magazine, bringing the latest printed, organic, flexible electronics market analysis and technology developments straight to your inbox.

Download a Previous Edition of +Plastic ElectronicsFor only £100 subscribers receive 12 newsletter issues of Smithers Apex's +Plastic Electronics: Digital, delivered to their inbox throughout the year. The editorial published by +Plastic Electronics gives businesses exclusive, invaluable insight into the technology changes and emerging industry trends guiding the printed, organic and flexible electronics market.

What do I receive?

+Plastic ElectronicsEach month, you will receive a newsletter, containing links to the latest content posted online about the printed, flexible and organic electronics market. Subscribers will also be required to set up a username and password, allowing you access to the exclusive content whenever required. In addition, each month will offer a different PDF download, either a 6-page market analysis or a 20-page Plugged In mini report.

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Features on commercialisation
Innovation is crucial for those brand owners and end-users that are at the top of their market or are looking to crack new ones, but it carries huge risk. +Plastic Electronics: Digital takes you inside the strategies of brand owners and end-users looking to develop new products using plastic electronics.

Provides in-depth analysis of the most significant stories to break in the printed, flexible and organic electronics market, with exclusive quotes from companies and analysts to provide a detailed outlook.

The Download
A downloadable PDF will be available each month for you to take away and analyse. Alternating between Marketwatch - in-depth analysis of a market based on real reports and figures from leading market analysts, and Plugged In - a 20-page mini-report highlighting the latest developments, and roadmap, for different technologies, processes and materials in the plastic electronics market. Try downloading one of our previous additions here by way of example.

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