Address: Septestraat 27, B-2640 Mortsel, Belgium
Contact: Dr Frank Louwet
Contact job title: General Product Manager Advanced Coatings & Chemicals

Tel: +32 3 444 7662
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Supplier of conductive materials for printed electronics

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OLED lighting, organic photovoltaics, capacitive touch sensors, EL lighting, electrophoretic windows, touchscreen technologies, PDLC tablets, smart packaging, printed RFID, roll-to-roll coating, inkjet printing, screen printing, automotive, white goods, electronics, LCD displays

Orgacon is the portfolio of proprietary materials, developed and produced within the advanced coatings and chemical business group of Agfa Materials, and sold all around the world through our different offices and distributors. Orgacon products show a unique combination of conductivity, high transparency, flexibility and processability that is not matched by other organic or inorganic conductive based-materials.

The Orgacon products line consists of waterborne dispersions (ICP series) and solvent-dispersible PEDOT: PSS (DRY), ready to coat (S300 series) and print (screen and inkjet inks from EL-P and IJ series) materials for manufacturing transparent flexible electrodes for display devices, capacitive touch sensors, organic photovoltaics, and other printed electronics applications. Our products can be customised and joint development of coated film is possible.

Moreover, Agfa recently introduced high-performance printable metallic-ink which can be combined with Orgacon PEDOT: PSS materials and as such complement the portfolio of solutions for printed electronics applications.