• Meeting the same people at industry events?
  • Struggling to make the business connections you need?
  • Seeking to build meaningful brand presence?

+Plastic Electronics can help you build a marketing strategy that will get you noticed by the connections you need: establishing thought leadership for your brand and business, and generating usable business leads from our trackable campaigns.

What we offer

  • In-depth knowledge: +Plastic Electronics knows this industry and your target audience like no other source
  • Editorial strength: Our in-house editorial team produces exclusive, expert analysis for the printed electronics industry. Leverage this expertise to build messaging and branding that connects with your target audience
  • Wide reach: Thousands of decision makers globally are reading +Plastic Electronics every day. Make sure your campaign is heard, seen, and remembered across your business's potential client base.

Sponsorship options

  • Targeted online advertising
  • Newsletter sponsorship
  • Sponsored content
  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Much more...