Advertise with +Plastic Electronics and connect with global decision makers in the industry

Why advertise with +Plastic Electronics?

  • Audience: +Plastic Electronics boasts an unrivalled audience of decision makers in the printable, flexible and organic electronics industry. Our global reach and high-quality network gives you unique exposure
  • Vertical markets: +Plastic Electronics also reaches stakeholders in a number of key vertical markets for plastic electronic technologies. Speak to business leaders in sectors including consumer electronics, solar, lighting, automotive, print, retail and packaging, wearables, and beyond
  • Targeted: Campaigns can be tailored to target specific sectors: align your advertising with one of our special coverage campaigns; or set your advertising to appear against specific categories of content to focus your marketing spend
  • Transparent: +Plastic Electronics can demonstrate clear ROI on your marketing spend, with simple and efficient reporting of the results of each campaign. Clicks generate leads that you can contact during or directly after the campaign.

Advertising options include:

  • Homepage banner adverts
  • Industry and content-specific targeted adverts
  • Sponsorship and advertising in our email newsletter
  • Page sponsorship in one of our downloadable supplements
  • ... and much more.
Download the media pack using the form on this page for more details of pricing and options, or get in touch with our sponsorship team.