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We will send you an email confirming your order and confirmation that your payment has been received successfully.


All prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling. Accepted forms of payment are stated on the Online Transaction Clearance form.


Access to your subscription is enabled on successful online payment. Should your payment need to be handled offline for any reason, we will endeavour to grant your subscription access by the next working day. Subscription lasts for one year from the date of your subscription details being created.


Corporate subscription provides access to content for your company and its salaried employees and representatives. Content cannot be distributed, sold or traded to any other third parties including consultants, suppliers, customers and partners.

Corporate subscription applies only to the purchasing company and any more than 50% owned subsidiaries. In the event of mergers and acquisitions the corporate subscription will continue providing the majority owning company is a corporate subscriber.

If you leave a corporate subscriber company, you are no longer eligible to access to the subscription area. Subscription is not transferable across companies.


As of January 1st 2014, you will need to pay VAT on orders dependent on your Billing Address.

1. UK - customers will need to pay VAT
2. Europe - customers will need to provide their EC VAT No. to be exempt from VAT.
3. Outside Europe - customers will not be charged VAT

VAT is currently is 20% for the United Kingdom.


Credit card details and personal information is stored using a secure internet link using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.


Smithers reserves the right to cancel, defer or otherwise modify the content of your subscription without prior notice.

I understand that by confirming my booking, I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions for this booking and am authorizing a charge to the credit card number provided for the selected subscription.

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